Service Agreements
Take care of your
equipment on an
ongoing basis. It
will save you
money in the long
  • A FREE SURVEY of your home or facility to inspect your
    HVAC systems, check for comfort and indoor air quality
    problems and to provide a custom design service agreement to
    best fit your needs.
  • PRECISION TUNE-UPS, professional cleaning, and safety
    inspections scheduled at YOUR convenience.
  • 15% DISCOUNT on repair service, all parts and labor.
  • FULL ONE YEAR GUARANTEE on all repairs; parts and
  • PRIORITY CUSTOMER STATUS - over non service
    agreement customers.
    BILLS - improper "Freon" levels as well as dirty coils and filters
    cause air conditioning and heating units to run 25% to 50%
    longer than necessary to keep you comfortable.
  • LONGER EQUIPMENT LIFE - properly maintained
    equipment lasts longer and is more dependable.
  • CLEANER INDOOR EQUIPMENT - cleaning of the coils and
    condensate drain pans helps eliminate odors, bacteria, and
    viruses, that are circulated into the air you breathe.
  • PEACE OF MIND - detect potential problems before they
    become costly emergencies. Leave the worrying to us.
There is any easy, cost-effective way to increase there reliability of the
heating and air conditioning in your home or business and protect
against the "energy robbers" that increase air conditioning and
heating operating costs and steal your comfort and energy dollars. It
is a
Planned Maintenance Agreement which is an affordable
regularly scheduled maintenance program to protect your heating
and cooling investment. Check these 15 solid reasons why you should
have one for your  home.

  1. Planned maintenance can increase operating efficiency up
    to 30%! You'll get more cooling and heating for your
    energy dollar.
  2. Planned maintenance can improve cooling capacity up to
  3. Reduce the likelihood of emergency calls. We'll correct
    many minor problems before they grow into major
  4. Prolong the effective life of your equipment through
    regularly scheduled precision tune-ups, professional
    cleaning, and safety inspections.
  5. Major manufacturers recommend regularly scheduled
    maintenance for your equipment's best performance. We can
    schedule professional service at your convenience.
  6. We offer a 15% discount (parts and labor) for maintenance
    agreement holders on all repairs to your air conditioning and
    heating equipment.
  7. Multi-unit discount. If you have more than one central air
    conditioning and heating system, maintenance agreement costs
    for additional systems are discounted substantially.
  8. We provide prompt, professional service. Should you ever
    need emergency service, you can get it quickly. Maintenance
    agreement holders get priority attention over call-in
  9. Factory trained technicians. They're professionals who know
    how to service all makes of air conditioning and heating
    equipment. We employ skilled, neat, and personable individuals
    you will want to have in your home or business. We stress
    respect for your facility and your furnishings.
  10. Guaranteed Repairs. All repairs are fully guaranteed for one
    full year (parts and labor).
  11. Our extensive inventory of residential and commercial air
    conditioning and heating parts and equipment means we
    probably have your part in stock.
  12. Comprehensive service records are maintained on each piece
    of equipment. We keep a complete record of all service
  13. Our Planned Maintenance Agreement is transferable to
    subsequent owners of your home or business. It makes your
    home or business more marketable.
  14. Protection against inflation. The price of the agreement is
    fixed. There will be no increase of the cost during the agreement
  15. You choose between these easy payment plans, cash, personal
    check, MasterCard, Discover, Visa, or American Express.

For all the details on how a
Planned Maintenance Agreement can
protect your heating and cooling system investment
, talk with
our Service Technician of call:

Dasher Mechanical Services, Inc.